Since 2007 InventoriesRus™ has been offering the very best Property Inventory-preparation facility, which is used by more than 200 letting agencies and by numerous landlords.

Additionally, we now offer Serviced Inventories where our staff will, at low cost, produce you the highest quality property inventory - which is fully Guaranteed.

This means that, if you have a Dispute with your tenant about the condition of your house at the end of the tenancy and the Adjudicators reject your claim against the Deposit because the inventory did not properly show the condition of your property at the start of the tenancy then we will pay your reasonable costs for repair. No one else offers this Guarantee. But, we can say that, in the past 12-years, not one of our inventories has been rejected by an adjudicator!

Our Inventory format was designed in conjunction with a Barrister who was an Adjudicator for one of the Deposit Protection Agencies. It is specifically laid-out to ensure it is most easily understood by Tenants, Landlords, Agents and Adjudicators. This is evidenced by the verbatim comments that My Deposits said to us about the quality of our inventories (see below).