About Us

Since 2007 InventoriesRus has offered an online facility allowing Landlords and Letting Agencies to produce high-quality property inventories.

The layout of our inventory was designed by a Barrister who was an Adjudicator for one of the Government's Deposit Protection services and we designed it to make sure that it was as robust as possible.

Since early 2013 InventoriesRus has offered a low-cost Inventory Preparation facility whereby we will produce all of your inventories for you, at minimum cost whilst also offering you our Guarantee that, if you fail in a claim against your tenant, due to a genuine problem with the inventory, we will cover the cots of your damage claim. No-one else offers you this Guarantee and, certainly, not at the ultra low-cost of our service!

Your inventory data will be stored within our system and you can contact us at any time (Free of Charge) in order to ask us to make amendments (for example, if you put a new carpet into the living-room mid tenancy), so that, when you need a Check-Out Report, it will reflect any amendments you have made during the Tenancy.