Our Guarantee

We Guarantee You that, if we have produced your Inventory and, if your Tenants have properly signed it, then, if you have any problems proving to the Court or the Deposit Protection Adjudicators that your Tenants have caused genuine damage (fair wear and tear excepted) during a Tenancy, then we will cover the reasonable cost of your Claim.

Obviously, in order to prove any claim, it will be necessary for you (or us) to carry out a proper Check-Out, so that any Damage is properly recorded. If, as is often the case, the tenant(s) moves-out without giving you the chance to meet them and check them out, then the Adjudicators or the Courts will expect you to make a detailed log of all damage you encounter when you first visit the vacant property.

If you have any questions about our Guarantee, please drop us a line at inventoriesrus@mail.com if you are able to set this up for us) and we will respond promptly.